Leningrad Cowboys - Drink Beer Polka Lyrics

Artist: Leningrad Cowboys Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Mongolian Barbecue
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Nothing works if your mouth is dry
We all know that
You can go on without food
That's a well known fact
What should we drink
When we are thirsty

* Drink (Drink) Beer (Beer)
Come (Come) Here (Here)
Sing (Sing) Da (Da)
Yes (Yes) Ya (Yaha)

Next morning your eyes can look like-
It's all in the .
But who cares, at least not-
The old six pack from here
What should we drink
When we are thirsty

(* Repeat)

The day after is full of laughter
When your plan is clear
Your tongue might feel like sandpaper
But your fridge is full of beer
What should we drink
When we are thirsty

And once again the words
That will take your pain away

(* Repeat with ad lib)

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