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Gonna die . . . shotgun
knives and pistols by your side.
Thank your lucky stars you're still alive
you're alive.
Wo-Wo-. But when I count to three do I kill you
Or do you kill me . . .

Do I kill you
do you kill me
I wonder which way
It's gonna be
make up your mind . . . about
What ya gonna do . . . do . . .
I kill you
do you kill me. I wonderwhich way it's
Gonna be
take a little time
about what ya gonna do . . .

It's time . . . funny the way things turn out in the end
Took me all these years to find a friend
fine friend
Wo-Wo-. That you turned out to be
do I kill you
Or do you kill me . . .

Goodbye . . . AII the friends you had are dead and gone

It would be a shame if you lived on
all alone
wo-wo . . .
Without their company
do I kill you
or do you kill me.

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