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Album: Track 7 on Levellers
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Fired forty rounds in the centre of town
He thought to bring the world around
Sleepless nights with God and Christ
The new messiah
To burn the world, to change the days
Can be done in better ways
But to make the news and front page
You've got to aim higher

They didn't build Jerusalem
They couldn't find the land
For reasons of security
They couldn't get the plans

And we're left standing watching from below
No new songs and no new heroes
Standing on the sidelines watching the flow
Waiting till the day the circle's broken

Took the mic to save the day
The rock star's going to have his say
Interpret this in any way as if it matters
'Cos nothing's black and nothing's white
Nothing appears to be quite right
It'll be this way until the day
The circle's shattered

I heard an old song yesterday
About a better world
You know the story
They're all the same
The boy gets the girl


>From the tips of your fingers
The rest is numb
YTou begin to feel the warmth of the sun
It's slipping away, been taken away
All you once knew
Taking it back takes all you've got
No time to sit and watch it rot
Believe it's yours and not the lies
Or all hell to you


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