Liam Lynch - Ghost Cop Lyrics

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I think this cop's pulling you over.

No, I think he's after that landrover.

No dude, I'm pretty sure he's after your ass,
So, pull us over into the grass.

[weird siren]

That's not a normal siren sound.

I don't think that cop's from this town.

Dude there's something that you should know.

What's that?

I left my license back at the show.

Well, this might sound a little random,
But I kind of think our cops a phantom.

He's gonna put our souls in prison,
Due to the high speeds that I've driven.

You don't need to worry about a ticket,
If he's a ghost and he can stick it.

Oh yeah, ghost cops scare me more than spiders!

Pulling over mortal drivers.

This cop followed us for miles.

Dude this feels just like x-files.


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