Liam Lynch Rock And Roll Whore Lyrics

Artist: Liam Lynch
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Baby you're a garbage dump
And I'm your garbage truck
I'd kiss you but I know it'd suck
Cuz your lips have got hairs and bumps
Ooooh c'mon

I'm gonna shake you
I hope to break you
Ugly chics dig my kicks
Thank God rock and roll is blind

She's got a tongue like a greasy floor
It don't matter, she's a rock and roll whore!
She's on the prowl like a rhino queen
So I autographed her acid wash jeans
Oh hell yeah
I like it...

I'm gonna shake you
Ihope to break you
Trick or treat
Smell my feet
You rock whore

SHe's got an ass like the rising sun
It don't end until the day is done
I love her cuz I know it won't last
That's what you get for a backstage pass
Rock and Roll Whore!