Quasimodo Lyrics


writers: Jason Wade
album: Track 10 in album No Name Face
release date: 2000-10-31
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genres: Rock
styles: Soft Rock/Pop Rock
length: 4:33
producer: Ron Aniello
drums: Jon "Diff" Palmer
lead vocals: Jason Wade
mixer: Brendan O’Brien
recorded by: Jim Scott, Ron Aniello and Neal Avron
guitars: Jason Wade
bass guitar: Sergio Andrade
composer: Jason Wade

Cover Art

Lifehouse No Name Face cover art
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You could be right
And I'll be real honesty
Won't be a pain
You'll have to feel

Cause I don't need
Your approval to find
My worth I've been trapped
Inside of my own

Mind afraid to open
My eyes to what I'd
Find I don't want to
Live like this anymore

There goes my pain there
Goes my chains did you
See them fall there
Goes this feeling that

Has no meaning there
Goes the world off
Of my shoulders there
Goes the world off of

My back there it goes
Does it scare you that
I can be something
Different than you

Would it make you
Feel more comfortable
If I wasn't you can't
Control me you can't

Take away from me who
I am have you ever felt
That your only comfort
Was your cage you're not

Alone I have felt the
Same as you have you ever
Felt like your secrets
Give you away you're not

Alone I have been there,
Too everyone is looking
And everybody is laughing
But I think everyone feels

The same everybody wants
To feel okay everybody
Wants to everybody wants
To feel 'cause you can't

Change me you can't break
Me there goes the world
Off of my shoulders there
Goes the world off of

My back 'cause
I don't want it

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