Lil Wayne Days & Days Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
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You leave your home for days and days

Money ain't ****, *****es ain't neither
You know I'm on that grass, don't cut on the sprinklers
***** on my mind, on my breath and on my fingers
*****s try to bite my style, but my style a jalapeno
I got skinny *** jeans, trucks on the pocket
Money talks, *****, I'm caught up in that gossip
You know all my *****es badder, and all my swishas fatter
I milk this **** like cattle, that's my word like Scrabble
And yo main girl is a ho, I go Wayne's World in her throat
She swallow so many nuts, you **** around, find a squirrel in her throat
I go tape worm in that ho, let my snake squirm in that ho
***** we take turns in that ho, these *****s so green they glow
I am the best thing since wet *****, on my private jet with my chef cookin'
So big headed my neck crooked, my *****s foul when the ref's lookin'
My big bro is Mack Maine, so much weed I got grass stains
Deez nuts, that's baggage claim, I'm on them trees like Candy Canes
Lil Tunechi

Yeah, 2 Chainz
I might book me for a show
Charge my *** the low and pick up the whole dough
That's hustlenomics, I was high in my class pictures
I like math, all I did was add *****es
Swagga galore, got your girl on all fours
It's not doggy style, I call it froggystyle
You dog her out, I tell her, hop in
2 Chainz, my first chain had a twin
Gas in my blunt, watching ESPN
And, if that ***** good I wanna see her again
Yeah, I'm from College Park and I got ya broad with me
Salt water pool, I can put a shark in it
Everything authentic, plus I named my pistols
Last name ****, first name I Don't Give A
Pockets look pregnant, they 'bout to deliver
So when I start dippin' you know the procedure

You leave your home for days and days

All my *****s gangstas, all my *****es freaks
I tickle her *****, got that ***** tickle pink
I'm the heart of the streets, and I just skipped a beat
And if that ***** sweet, I want that candy, trick or treat
I got diamonds in my teeth, so all my words are precious
I'm so ****in' hot I sssssss I'ma need some more S's
Man I'm on some other ****, I want another *****
That want another *****, and I don't cuddle *****
I hit her with that shovel ****, I got in that ***** and dug a ditch
Some people gotta punch the clock, man I rather punch a brick
'Cause I'm that *****, and I'm so cold I just shivered
These *****s think they hard, these *****s just nipples
I pop a ***** like a 'sicle, drop a ***** like a missile
Mo' money mo' issues, I size you up then fit you

You leave your home for days and days
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