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Gangsta 2 tha core
Ankle wrap flamer
Paint your kicthen floor
With ya
You can't ignore
Things you indore when you up against the boy
All I hear is weezy don't kill me no more
I hear your bull shh
I play matador
I'm not a category
I ain't there with y'all
I got a positive vibe but I ain't scared of y'all
Git the kid nigga did never that at all
That rat a tat go off
A black gat gat gat gat gat
I gotta girl so fine her name perrion
She kno how to get dem thangs in her carry on
I blow outta town
Grass when I'm outta town
Uptown in the buildin not a sound
Cause killas don't get heard about
They get whispered about
Or you get murdered out boy

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