Lil Wayne La La Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
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Uh huh
Thats right
Carter 3 come on
Yea, yea, walk with me, come go with me, its lil weezy baby ha ha

And I'm just lightin up my,la [x22]
Yea, yea, yea, 1 7, cash money, young money

[verse 1:]
Born in new orleans
Raised in new orleans
I will 4 ever remain faithful new orleans
I thank u new orleans
Thank u holygrove
Thats been my hood since a snotty nose
I come trough the hood suicidle doors
I use 2 come through the hood on the handle bars
Gat in my draws
Money in my pocket
Crack in my jaws
I hope it dont desolve and u know im duckin 5 0 and my moms
Young and quick 2 go off like car alarms
Now the youngin keep his mind on the parmesan
Them other *****s aint eatin like a romadon
Spit the **** that make ya feel it in yo cromosomes
Got my the money put my whole damn corner on
Young carter part 3 on the corner store
Eagle street keep it goin til homasome

And im just lightin up my, la [x22]
Can I kick it

[verse 2:]
Can I kick my story to yall
My glory in god
My faith in my flow
I pray that I go where no other rapper has
And when you're rappin' as
Vivid as I and limited as the sky so I
Study b.i.
I bang tupac, I hum aaliyah
And soldier slim was a leader
Who am I not to follow greatness
I give these mc's hell like they all atheists
Tell them hatin' *****s one like they in the matrix
And tell the cops I can buy my own braclets
I'ma can keep the paper running like a pair of aces
Used to sport the gucci bucks ***** no laces
Striped polo, five pocket girbaud
Mama got a two totter I'm rockin' dolo
I used to have the starter jacket with the logo
And the hat, me myself had the no
That's the saints *****

And im just lightin up my, la [x22]
Can I kick it

[verse 3:]
Its lil wayne and im a shine n da rain
Na nothing gets clear without me signing my name
Im just head lining da game
Wont quit, till im a-rod and da game
They ridin da bench
They not and da game
I misplaced the key
To da lock and chain
My spot remain
Like a bleach stain or cranberry
Its murder she wrote like angela lanceberry
I remember being small mane
New toyz when my momma won a card game
Got my gifts before christmas
Didnt have to wait for them
I had a 10 speeder scooter and a skateboard (hahaa)
And we moved to the suburbs
Me and lil toya johnson was love birds aww man
And I swear I feel born again
Im in da building like da audience
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