In My Pocket [*] Lyrics

Boosie Badazz

album: Track 18 in album Ghetto Stories
release date:
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length: 4:18

Let me tell you funky bitches bout a pimp name c
I ain't payin for the pussy and my dick ain't free
If you wanna ride big and sit on the leather
Then you gon have to break some cheeks and get yo paper together
Fine bitches in the club in there poppin tht thang
Take it off bitch, bend over let it hang
They showin us the pussy cause they know I'm rich
Hoes ask me for some money it's in my pocket you bitch
Where the dollars at nigga(in my pocket you bitch)
I know you lookin for them dollars, but you better keep on lookin
Cause I ain't givin no bread if you ain't givin no pussy
Gotta pocket full of dollars I'm flashin for you haters
Gotta gold and chrome Impala with some 20'' datters
I want my dick sucked, my click sucked, I want the whole wop
I be local for a minute, but I'm strollin to the top
N if you a bad bitch you can get some cash quick
But if not, you might as well just let me beat it up til it fart
Where the dollars at nigga(in my pocket you bitch)
I see you lookin for them dollars cause you see my gold chains
I be fuckin super models so I know you hoes game
Niggaz they been since I got some money
Is that yo cell phone in yo pocket
Fuck no that's them hundreds piled up in bundles
Go to clubs with my thugs we be actin
Only got two slugs cause I don saved da rest for platinum
N now I'm down in Texas with Pimp C I'm stackin green
N if you want some bread bitch u betta be in a magazine
It's in my fuckin pockets
Where the dollars at nigga(in my pocket you bitch)
Bitch I got diamonds and gold
N I ain't lovin these hoes
I gotta 2000 Cadillac on the swangaz and 4s
We got the chronic we need so man let's pour up the folks
We pickin up 20, 000 bitch when we come to a show
We blowin big ass swishers so nigga fuck optimo
I like a bitch to get freaky and suck my dick on the flo
You bitches say tht you bout it I ain't believin that shit
You wanna know where my dollars at
In my pocket you bitch
Where the dollars at nigga(in my pocket you bitch)

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