Lil' Flip Find My Way Lyrics

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Tell me why I can't see where I'm goin(No)
When everybody else see's,where I'm comin from
And I don't know why I travel down these dead end roads
I gotta turn this car around-and find my way home

When you listen to my music do you feel my ****
Look I don't need punchlines cause I live my ****
A lot of cats selling they soul for radio play
That's why we need mo' rappers like Common and Kayne
*****s scared to be broke so they fake it,to make it
If my album went gold I'd still be the greatest
Back in the days I would get caught for trulency
But now I'm puttin' money back in my community
I took my homies out the hood now they got jobs
Cause it's more to life then dodgin' cop cars
I played the block hard,now I play the pop charts
Now I'm gettin' dumb money,cause I got smart


Ayo I never seen a man cry,till I seen a man die
So when you talk to me look me in my damn eyes
Cause I been through it all and my scars prove it
Cause when it come to that paper homie I'm a do it
I just rhyme part time you better know it
These lines comin' from my mind so I never wrote it
Keep my nine by my spine so I never show it
Yeah I'm addicted to pine but I never grow it
And the reason I got signed cause I'm a poet
Half of my *****s doin' time but I'm focused
That's why I'm stayin' on my grind if you haven't noticed
That old Cadillac transformed to a Lotus


When ya new album drop everybody ya friend
*****s actin' like they down but I know they pretend
I use to scrap up money for studio time
I'm like Jay Z homie I remember my rhymes
Ain't nobody help me out when my cash was low
Bills comin' too fast so I had to blow
And I walked by faith,not by sight
Cause I know G-O-D will guide me right
I take the bitter with the sweet,I know you feel my pain
Why we gotta get harassed when we board the plane
I ain't tryna preach to you but I hope you relate
Even at a dead end you gotta find yo' way (Okay,Okay)


I wanna dedicate this track here to my grandparents
Ya know they stuck with me through thick and thin
Ya knah' I'm sayin' since day one,without my family
Ya know I ain't got no back bone man
So I dedicate this to you and pray to God you goin' find a way, holla back
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