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Album: Track 8 on Never Ending Story
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Is it your alluring way
could you always drown the fire?
Keep a check on all you feel
keep a hold on all your desire.
But I feel there's something new and it's lying in your eyes

There's a shudder running through you
now I realize.

Inside turning to outside

The feeling you can't hide is touching a high-light
in your eyes.
Inside turning to outside

It's gonna be alright
it's running a high for you and I.

Like a shadow of yourself
like a spirit in the air

Looking desperately for help
you've been looking everywhere.
My heart is beating fast
blue eyes are locked on mine

A vision flashes past
moving me in time.

Inside turning to outside
. . .
And we can live in a beautiful world

hide away under peaceful skies.
We can sunrive on time and a word
feel the nights passing by.

Inside to outside - inside to outside - inside to outside.
Inside turning to outside
. . .
Inside turning to outside
. . .
Inside turning to outside
. . .

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