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Album: Track 10 on Broadway My Way
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A new life
what i wouldnt give to have a new life
one thing i have learned as i go through life
nothing is for free along the way

A new start
thats the thing i need to give me new heart
half a chance in life to find a new part
just a simple roll that i can play

A new hope
something to convince me to renue hope
A new day
bright enough to help me find my way
A new chance
one that maybe has a touch of romance
where can it be?
the chance for me

A new dream
i have one i know that very few dream
i would like to see that over-due dream
even though it never may come true

A new love
though i know theres no such thing as true love
even so, although i never knew love
still i feel that one dream is my due

A new world
this one thing i want to ask of you world
Once, before its time to say "Adue" world
one sweet chance to prove the cinics wrong

A new life
more and more im sure as i go through life
just to play the game and to persue life
just to share its pleasures and belong
thats what i've been here for all along
each days a brand new life

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