Linda Eder - Where Are You Now? Lyrics

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Didn't success smell sweeter as hand in hand
We let the world know we were there
What a pity
I wonder where are you now
Where is that smile
That promise of forever
Where is that style
Simple yet oh so clever where
Darling where
I wonder where are you now
We were two of a kind
Running scared flying blind
Riding too high not to fall
Did I lean on you too much
Did we lose our magic tounge after all
Where are you now
I ask a friend about you
Where are you now
I'm incomplete without you here
Oh my dear
It's been one hand loving you
You were gone in a flight
Left the car, took the cash
Just as the bottom fell out
Now it's me and my career
Waiting for the small to clear
Where are you now
Where is the man I call love
Where are you now
Now that the champagne's all gone flat
Guess that's that
I wonder where are you now

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