Linda Perry Machine Man Lyrics

Artist: Linda Perry
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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Have you been told
About the machine man
His leather gloves
Hide his machine hands

In every dream
In sleep I ever had
I am awoke
By the machine man

Have you been told
About the machine man
He watches me
With eyes as cold as sand

And when I sleep
I feel him stroke my hand
I am awoke by the machine man

In Flight
Learning what I am
Feeling like a bluebird
Flying away

I love the drops of rain
Smiling on my feathers
Guiding my way

Do, do do do do (x4)
I trip across the air
It's treating me so kindly
So far to go
So I flew unto a tree
Gather inspiration

Happy to meet
(All the other birds) x4

We talk about our flight
In this queer dimension
And how we're afraid
To carry on our own
And finish our direction
Flying home

(All the other birds) x4
Like me
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