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Album: Track 5 on Louder Than Words
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Oh My love
You say nothing's wrong
You say you love me
What we've got is so strong
But I know someone else is loving you
Baby, if yOu don't really love me
Just say we're through

CHORUS: You know I had to realize
your love was just a game
Oh, change
Now I've gonna to take the time to stop
and rearrange
I've got to walk away from you
Before I lose my mind
I need a change
'Cause all I'm going to do with you is
just keep wasting time

Did you lie when you said
Your love was mine
Or was I being foolish
'Cause my heart was blind
Sometimes I feel like
Just holding you would make things ok
But now I see
The price of loving you
I'll have to pay


BRIDGE: Somebody said
You don't love me no more baby
I don't know
Why you're hurt me the way
you're hurt me
Right now I know the truth about
you are your new lover
I'm running for cover
So you can say what you wa to say
Say what you're gonna do
I can't stand the way you treat me
I'm giving up on you.


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