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Artist: Lionel Richie Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Can't Slow Down
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The heart of the city street was beating
Light from the neons turned the dark to day
We were too hot to think of sleeping
We had to get out before the magic got away

We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and I, 'til the morning light
(We were running, running with the night)

You were looking so good girl, heads were turning
You and me on the town ooh, we let it all hang out
The fire was in us, we were burning
We were gonna go all the way and we never had a doubt


We were so in love you and me
On the boulevard wild and free
Giving all we got, we laid it down
Taking every shot, we took the town


Just you and I (we were running)
We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and I, girl it was so right (We were running)
Girl so right (running with the night)
So right

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