Lionel Richie - Say Yeah Lyrics

Writer(s) : Lapread, Ronald / Richie, Lionel
Artist: Lionel Richie Lyrics
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Let me love you, until I can’t love you no more
Let me hold you, (ooh) I’ve got so much love in store
I’ve been loving you baby, ooh sweet thing,
For such a long time, yes I have
And I need to belong to somebody just like you, baby
I want to be your only man.
All you got to do is

Say yeah, yeah
Be my lady
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah whoa
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Aw Honey, just say yeah, yeah

Precious lady, I, I want no one else but you
Please look my way, aw baby,
I’ll do anything you want me to
I’ve got more than a feeling, ooh baby
I’ve got my life to share
If you’ll just reach out your arms and hold me, baby
I’ll show you how much I care, oh honey

Say yeah, yeah
Just be my lady, my lady
Yeah yeah, yeah
I’ll be so good to ya
Yeah yeah, yeah
Oh honey, I want you right by my side
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I’ve been waiting so long
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Woo, just to have your sweet loving
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah baby you see, I’ll do anything that you want me to do
Just as long as you make it me and you
Just say yeah, baby
Aw honey just be my lady

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