Liquido - Bulletin Lyrics

Artist: Liquido Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Float
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I'll point the finger at you
i pick you up now from the floor
reach down my throat
i see i feel and i breathe
everything's exactly how it seems
i want to walk through empty streets
i look around
but i can't feel you
i walk around
but i can't find your trace
ice feeling nature dead
don't stop right where you are
what does it take
how long must i stay
little secrets in your head
you call it love
you call it love
i just call it wrong.....
that's why i couldn't catch my breath
float like a dead man
everything is prepared
do you only think about yourself
mission missed
last level will come next
spinal cord remains intact
you call........
can't stop, won't stop, kisses on your belly
don't you, don't you, don't hang on the tele, nah
you call........

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