Lisa Marie Presley - Raven Lyrics

Writer(s) : Romeo, Tony / Lockwood, Michael / Presley, Lisa Marie
Artist: Lisa Marie Presley Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Now What
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And as the raven flies, she feels unwelcome
She's fallen out of her tree and caught on a limb with silver lining
Her wings uncertain, but she's still flying
Yeah, little Raven, I see you there

Hold your head up now
I won't try to pull your feathers out
I promise

Go on, dry your eyes
You know that I've forgiven you and I'm sorry
And everything 'till now
It wasn't that bad really
Beautiful lady

Why don't you fly with me?
We'll have a chat and a cup of tea
And a long lost need to see who's really there
And you'll finally be OK with me
And I'll hear your stories
That filled your sad eyes when you had raven hair

Hold your head up high
I know that I've been ruthless
I've been ruthless


Go on, dry your eyes
Hey, you finally see me
And I see you
And everything 'till now
It wasn't that bad really
Beautiful lady


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