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Album: Track 2 on Black
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Words are spoken, swallowed in vain
Slowly, I´m choking
I cough it up, cough it up, cough it up again
Familiar, familiar

Laughing, laughing at the man who
Never had a chance to dream your dreams
Find it funny here today, you know
But, if by tomorrow, you might wonder then
Why your seeds are weeds
Familiar, familiar
Familiar, is it familiar?

*Open up - There´s a river in us all
Open up - From the cradle where we crawl
Open up - It´s so unusual
Open up - Cause sitting on the wall
Everybody´s got to Fall

Oh, show me, show me a reason
A reason for, anything I see
Round and round and round and round, we go
What happened to my brother?
Will his flowers wither? Just like me, yeah
Familiar, familiar
Familiar, is it familiar?


I am no preacher, I know no teachings
Sway my mind, dear with your primal screechings
Buried under, your plastic cover
You are me, and I am you


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