Lloyd - I Can Change Your Life Lyrics

Artist: Lloyd Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Lessons in Love
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I can change your life baby

I know what your used to
And I can show you
Something much better
(See girl I know)
He use to abuse you.
He only used to get on my level.

I can change ya life.
If you let me, I can do it.
I know just what you need.
I can change ya life.
I can make you happy, girl if you let me.
I'll make your puzzle complete, I can change ya life.

I know just what you needed.
Let me provide it.
There's no need to fight this thing.
Cause as long as im breathing
You can believe it
Going down on everything I love
I wanna be I wanna be eh [Repeat: x2]
Definite, permanent, perfect man you


I can change your life
Girl I'm asking you
I got plans for you, and me
This is where you should be

[Chorus: x2]

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