Southside Feat. Ashanti Lyrics


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[Verse 1A:Lloyd]
Tell ya daddy stop his hatin'
Cuz I be wearin' braids and rockin jersey's daily
But that don't mean I'm thuggin though
He don't want me with you
But I ain't tryna hear it though
Not tryna hear it though
[Verse 1B:Ashanti (Lloyd)]
But I know that if he knew you
He would understand ya
Know that your my man and he would never hurt me no
Let me come and see you
So that we can be alone, alone
(Baby I know a place where we can go and be alone)
As long as you make sure that you safely get me home
(Don't worry baby)

[Chorus: Lloyd (Ashanti)]
Meet me at the southside
Get you home by midnight
make sure that ya daddy just don't know (daddy just don't know)
I'll put you in the hoodbug
I know what I'm doin cause
That's where we be eating on the low(eating on the low)
Meet me on the southside
baby we can go hide
knowin that my boys gon have my back(yeah-eeh-yeah)
only at the southside girl (southside,eh-eeh-eh)
[Verse 2A:Lloyd]
Girl I'll know that we can make it
Cause we won't let him break it
I don't care who wit it
It's you and me against the world
Tell me those three words that lets me know you're still my girl
Oh Baby,yeah

[Verse 2B:Ashanti(Lloyd)]
Oh I swear I'll never leave you (why)
People have lied to yah
By your side I'll show yah
The way a girl needs roll
You don't need alot of money
I'm ready come and pick me up(pick you up)
(Baby I know a place that we can go to be alone,yeah)
As long as you make sure that you safely get me home
(Don't worry baby)
Repeat chorus
[Break: Lloyd (Ashanti)]
Baby we can
Baby we can
Baby we can (Baby we can)
yeah baby (yah baby,heh)
Meet me at the southsidegirl(oh oh oh ooh oh oh oh)
[Lloyd and Ashanti] Cause all I wanna do is ride to south wit you(ooooh oooh oooh oooh hoo)
ATL Georgia, what do we do for you
Repeat chorus
[Outro: Lloyd(Ashanti)]
ATL Georgia, what do we do for ya
Pull down like we george town holdas
(Can you pick up tonight take me anywhere you like)
Shorty let's ride,in my cadillac(in yo cadillac)
Tilt yo seat back
And everything'll be cool(yeah)
Side girl(yeah)
Alright(oooh oh no,no ooh hooh)
So what ya wanna do (we gon kick it tonight)
(yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah ,only at the southside)
I know it , that you ain't used to this country boy
But I'll still show you(show me)
Ain't nothing but a thing(yeah yeah yeah)
Chicken wings on string(baby baby baby)
That's how I hang on the southside(only at the southside,southside,southside)

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