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Album: Track 10 on All Sides
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I, I never gave her a reason,
I just said I was sorry, and I was going away
She, said it's the end of the season, and then something about changing
and knowing I couldn't stay.

She said I know you must make your dreams come true,
You must find your own way

But when the rain is falling you know where I will be,
where I can hear you calling, just come, running home to me
Don't matter where you're going, won't matter where you've been,
When there's a cold wind blowing, you can, come running home again.

She, she tried not to cry,
She brought back the tears that, she didn't want me to see (oh ho.oh)
I, whisper goodbye, wonder if she knew how, much she meant to me.



I know she is where I want to be, (I want to be)
Where my heart, will always take me.

When all the rain is falling, gray skies are moving in,
I know who I'll be calling, I'm going, running home again,
No matter where I'm going, no matter where I've been,
I always get there knowing, I came home, running home again.

I'll be running home
When all the rain is falling, gray skies are moving in
I know who I'll be calling, I'm going, run

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