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Album: Track 2 on Wake the World
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Wake the world, wake the world, we got a long, long way to go
Wake the world, wake the world, and let the fire in your heart, melt the snow
Open your mind and you will love again
Look with your eyes and make it show
Wake the world, wake the world, we got a long, long way to go

My name is Richie Ranking and my mike can see
Jamaican ... my original...
The best thing for me is to be free
Watch what they say and watch out their beat
Take a good look at all the possibility
Open your eyes and then you can see
That love is an answer for everybody
Now this is a message for ... your mind
Open up your mind and try and understand
This is message for each and everyone
You must have a... you must have a...
That's all the way I got...
The... is clean and the mind is...
So jump around and put off your...
Come on everybody let me sing the song

The future belongs to the...
Find the rhythm and pumping system
The future belongs to the
... no problem
They tell
I find

They live


Open up your heart and let lover ring

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