City of Houston Lyrics

Lone Star Ridaz

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(Chorus: Russell Lee)
Sometimes I feel like I don't have a problem
Sometimes I feel like my only fear
Is the city I live in, the city of Houston
Lonely as I am, together we ride

[Happy P]
These motherfuckers be hating on me, and they hating on us
Cause our city's moving up, it's over what what
Well you can suck my dick, you can thank a nigga when
Cause we gone bring it to your ass fa sho what, huh

Uh 59 I-10, forty five
Six to the 88, hitting all sides
We all ride, the city ain't a small tie
Wanna explore, well let me be your tour guide

[Max Minelli]
Cadillac pure coat, white pearl
When I pull out, they swear I'm moving white girl
But I ain't with that, I make sick beats
I hit my homie Toe Roll blowing big sweets

In the Southeast telephone rolling on drop
Sitting at the light like I got a knot on the side
I'm gone punch it once it turn green
Let my rubber burn clean like it done served me


[Low G]
Me and my flow, flow for my dough
Ride so clean 54 when I come to the show
Deuce double O, deuce is my word, word is my derb
You fuck with the move and you'll be done with desert

[Baby Beesh]
Well now the po-po's won't leave my ass alone
I'm on the 6-10 loop by the Astro Dome
I'm in the city where them laws get tough enough

Pulled over with a pocket of that fluffy-fluff

Man, my kind I'm as pure as the snow
And my words stay way below zero
All my life I been different, niggas telling me it's cool
But partner it really isn't

[Max Minelli]
I'm coming down from the booth cause