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Wet Dream
Lords of Acid

Male vocal: I watch you sleep your restless dream
Male vocal: I can hear you breath so close to me
Male vocal: Your naked skin arouses me, I can't help touching you, pleasing you
Male vocal: My fingers caresss your inner thighs, open your legs for me
Male vocal: Let me enter, let me be part of your dream
Male vocal: I'm gonna bring you up by hand, gonna make you sigh
Male vocal: Now open your altar of love
Female vocal: I'm washed upon a shore, I can feel the water tickling my pussy
Female vocal: I know this is a dream, but what I feel feels so real
Male vocal: I'm gonna warm you up, feel my fingers around your love-button
Male vocal: All part of the drugs you use
Female vocal: Someone is touching me but I don't wanna see who he is
Female vocal: His warm hands feel like flames warming up my desire
Male vocal: I'm gonna taste your juice, I'm your wet dream
Female vocal: I'm getting absofuckinglutely horny !
Female vocal: I open my eyes and see his head burried between my legs
Female vocal: I grab his hair and pull his face even closer into my crotch
Male vocal: Feel it, feel my tongue....
Female vocal: I feel it
Male vocal: Feel my tongue
Male vocal: I feel your wetness, it's dripping off my face...hot fluids
Male vocal: taste sweet on my lips
Male vocal: let's Adam and Eve it baby, here's a bit of hard for your bit of soft
Male vocal: I'm gonna roll you over, I'm gonna fuck ya !
Female vocal: I'm on my hands and knees now. I need it hard. I need it deep.
Female vocal: I'm steaming hot. I want it all.
Male vocal: I'm gonna make you come and come. I'm gonna give you juice for
Male vocal: jelly.
Male vocal: Gonna make you come, come

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