Lou Bega - God Is a Woman Lyrics

Artist: Lou Bega Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Ladies and Gentlemen
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[1. VERSE :]
Everytime you put a little spell on my sky
I realise that I need you to the day that i die
I need you to the day I die
I know your fingertips will paint me rainbows in the night
You're my thunder my rain
Into darkness you bring light
Into darkness you bring light
Tell me who sent you ?
Tell me who made you ?
When I look at you I see
God is a woman
God must be a woman
[2. VERSE :]
A million of good reasons couldn't take us apart
You moved into my body, my soul, my heart
I knew it from the very start
You singin' all the songs in my personal charts
You makin' me a planet in a world full of stars
In a world that is full of stars

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