Lou Rawls - Love Is a Hurtin' Thing Lyrics

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Album: Track 2 on Soulin'
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Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
(Raleigh / Linden)

For every little kiss there's a little teardrop
For every single thrill there's another heartache
The road is rough
The going gets tough

[1: Yes] love is a hurtin' thing
Oh, love is a hurtin' thing

When you're in my arms I'm a king on a throne
But when we're apart I walk the streets alone
One day happiness
The next day, loneliness

When love brings so much joy why must it bring such pain
Guess it's a mystery that nobody can explain

Maybe I'm a fool to keep on loving you
'Cause there may come a time you'll break my heart in two
But I want you so
I want you though I know that

Love is a hurtin' thing
Oh, love is a hurtin' thing [fade]

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