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Album: Track 11 on The Greatest Hits
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I dream on the kitchen floor
Kuyanderu ashita no SUTEITASU noue wa mita ka?
So, see what I feel
I am gonna be at your will
Someday somehow I will know
Shitattemo asu wa hang on you
Daitai itsumo I dig on you
Feel what you hear
You are gonna be at my will
Ai wa mezameru ya?
Free you all
Shake it, take it boku no affection
Mabataku ma ni aku doreisue wa mita ka?
So, no one call tell
What is gonna be at your will
So you wanna be a faceless man
Aisu ma ni doaisu mani done
Saikai itsukayou will know it all perfectly
Nothing to feel
I am gonna be at your will
Ai ni mezameru ya
Free you all
Kimi wa SUTEKIna satteku asu wo ureite
Sore wo oikakeru ya
I feel so sorry
When you are happy
Mou owaranai
Boku no thought
Yo wa on my knees
Today for...
A day for you
Free you all

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