LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - Standing Bird Lyrics

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Album: Track 1 on Love Psychedelic Orchestra
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Kaze no keeper mune ni yadoru light
Kienai saasu e tada take a run
Kanaderu rage oto mo nashi ni fade
Akumei de ii sayou go along
Stone in silencekanashimi o terase
Yamanu flavor wa meguru fate
You lean on, you go on
Oh, nothing's done
Mou tada yureru sora to downcast sight
As ever, stand hard, she'd the lights
Stone in silence karenu me o sarase
Stand foreveritami aru moto e
Kimi wa ima tada omoi shiru Standing Bird
* wake up your sorrow, from the "deep narrow"
Oh, sainamu wa pleasure kiri no mukou Eden
Ai.ja soba ni inai somewhat of "ride and roll"
Owaranai sa reach another star
Green light, untied, high tide, breaking the wind
Owaranai keep believing star
Stand hard, she'd the lights, hang by, a way behind
Stand forever hikari aru moto e
Refraining voices aretouhou mo naku killing the time
Toki wa ima tada omoishiru Standing Bird
* repeat
** wake up your sorrow, from the "deep narrow"
Oh, saihate no heart zensen no ue no "ride and roll"
Ai.ja soba ni inai somewhat of "ride and roll"
* repeat
** repeat

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