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Album: Track 1 on Awaydays
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we've no footprints to follow
no trace in the sand
no star sign to guide us
through this no man's land
with poison to swallow
diversion at hand
no shelter to hide us
and no masterplan
our future might kill us
our past maybe too
the joy and the sorrow
it's in all - all that we do

where's our guardian angel
and fortune to choose?
we've got only each other
and there's no excuse
my tv might kill us
your cigarettes too
the songs and the records
it's up to me and to you

don't let go ohoohohoohoh
don't let go ohoohohoohoh
don't let go, we'll find our own way
i won't lead us astray
don't let go, it might not be today
oh baby let me stay

we feel sleepy and hollow
but can't seem to rest
searching for a way out
tell me is this a test?
or is someone just playing
a cruel dirty joke
we're clutching at straws
like it's our final hope?
only love now can heal us
but it always takes two
where is calm and the silence
with all - all we've been through?


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