Lovebugs - Paris Lyrics

Artist: Lovebugs Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Awaydays
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There's a place I know in paris
It's where I always long to be
I never feel alone in paris 'cause
Someone's always waiting there for me

I know all the people
I've never seen before
Soon I won't remember
How I came 'round here anymore

The boys keep on swinging jump and jive
And the girls keep on singing staying alive
And sounds keep on ringing and I will survive
'til closing time
I'll be fine

It always stays the same in paris
No matter if it's night or day
But I must kiss someone in paris
Before they ever let me stay

I know all the voices
I never heard before
Soon I won't remember
How I got out here anymore

Chorus (repeat)

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