LoveHateHero - Running With Scissors Lyrics

Artist: LoveHateHero Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on White Lies
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Brother, what have you done?
Sticking needles in your arm.
Brother, never said we'd walk away from family.
These so called "friends",
They kept pushing you in.
I hate my love for you,
But you cared for me, so I'll care for you.

Brother, will you come home?
You've hit the ground so hard, it's breaking me down.
Brother, brother, we make a stand.
You've hit the ground so hard,
So, take my hand.

You said yourself that you were done with this.
I believed you, it's the trust I miss.
When my eyes (....)
You'll remain part of everything.
I am your friend, talk to me.
Tell me anything.
I love you despite everything.
This is family.


This means everything to me.
(This means everything to me).
Will you come home?
Brother, will you come home?
You've hit the ground so hard it breaks my heart

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