Loverboy - Jump Lyrics

Writer(s) : Caren, Michael / Dillard, Tramar / Goldstein, Oliver / Barker, Travis L / Furtado, Nelly / Dean, Esther
Artist: Loverboy Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Get Lucky
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Was it your idea to meet like this
Sneakin', round with the lights down low?
It feels so good
I hope it doesn't fade away

But if they catch us here together this way
You know that we better think quick
Cause you bet your last buck
They'll be first to get the last lick

When I say jump
You better jump,jump,jump
When I say walk
(Well) You better get ready to say goodbye

Now you can't always get what you want when
You want it so you settle for second best
You need it so bad don't matter what price you pay
When you lay it on the line takin' chances like this
One slip could do the trick
Cause you bet your last buck
They'll be first to get the last lick


And when I look at you now
Somehow it don't seem right
But it feels so good tonight

[Chorus: x2]

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