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Artist: Lovex Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Divine Insanity
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Through the darkness and broken glass
I come for you if you only ask
And there I'll stand
Just for you

A million miles between our lives
Keep us apart from our bleeding hearts
Secret love
Just be my darling

For your name I'm calling for our love I'm fallin'
On my knees

And if you cry
I'll hold your head up high
And I'll be right by your side
I will be your guardian angel
I will do the things that I can about that I can't see your smile
Breaks my heart in two

In the garden of lonely love
I wait for you though the time will come
When I see your smile
Just for me

Love of us seem waste again
You can't hide your tears in the rain
I'll be there, just wait my darlin'

For your name I'm calling for our love I'm fallin'
On my knees

To see you smile
Just for me

To hear you breathe
Problem free
Until you sleep
Won't let you breathe

[Chorus (2x)]

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