Low Millions - 100 Blouses Lyrics

Writer(s) : ADAM COHEN
Artist: Low Millions Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Ex-Girlfriends
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So dizzy
I can't close my eyes
So love sick
I want to be with you tonight
So desperate
I think I'll hit the bars
So tired
Of not having you in my arms
I'll take a friend of yours
Out to dinner
Then I'll take off all her clothes
And look for you in her

100 blouses come undone
I look for you in everyone
I touch so much that I go numb
I look for you in everyone

The drugs don't work
I can't get high
But that don't mean that I won't try
Another night of absent flesh
Another night of restlessness
99 lovers to go
I may never fill the whole
98 lovers and I
Still don't feel satisfied
Let everyone come

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