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Album: Track 7 on Ex-Girlfriends
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I used a screwdriver
I couldn't find the key
I had to know your secrets
The thoughts you keep from me

I read how you resent me
You even dreamed that I was dead
You said, you thought that I'd look stunning
With a bullet in my head

Ooh, It's too biza are are e to believe
Ooh, you can't be talkin' ‘bout me
That's the way I have to read it
In your diary

Now we can fight if you want to
Unhappily ever after
Or, you can just tell me
To my face, if you think I'm such a bastard

I knew you weren't happy
Yeah but who'd of guessed of this
To read that you were planning
To betray me with a kiss

You'll probably just leave me, and I'll fall apart
Might as well just kill me
Why don't you finish what you started

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