Lucky Dube - Release Me Lyrics

Writer(s) : DUBE, LUCKY
Artist: Lucky Dube Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Taxman
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You don't have to come with me
Down this road
'Cause I know my way around here
Very well
It may not seem like it
From where you stand
But believe you me
I know what I'm talking about
Letting it all go
Didn't matter to me
'Cause I've done it all before

But when you left
Part of me went with you
That is why I call you now
On this phone
So please, oh please
Don't hang up on me

Release me, let me go
Release me, let me go
Release me, let me go
But remember that
Some bridges never burn

You took your way
And I took mine
We were sure our ways
Will never meet again
Every time I go out
With another man
I find myself calling your name
Now I know that it's true

What they say
Sometimes love
Never knows when to die
When you went
Part of me went with you
That's why I called you on the phone

Release me, let me go
Remember that
Some bridges never burn

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