Hoes in My Room Lyrics


publisher: ©Ultra Tunes
writers: Raymond Poole, Raymond Poole, N Writer Unknown
album: Track 13 in album Chicken-N-Beer
release date: 2003-10-6
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length: 4:41
mix: John Frye
guest performer: Ruh Anubis Yazid
producer: Ruh Anubis Yazid
recording: KLC, Scott Kieklak, Ruh Anubis Yazid
guest vocal: Snoop Dogg
lead vocals: Snoop Dogg

Cover Art

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Hey! Thank all y'all for comin' out tonight
It was a beautiful night tonight and The Shizznit
Where pimpin' and dead, these hoes just scared
Thanks Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, all the players fomr the LBC
It was a beautiful night tonight
Oh, look at these fools, Ay! Security! Come get these *****s!

[Ludacris (Snoop)]
Fresh off the streets, just finished a show in Long Beach
Ready to relax, kick up my feet
Maybe smoke a blunt or two, that's what I want to do
Broke out and called up the homeboy Snoop (What happenin' nephew?)
Oh, nothin' just called, lookin' for some women that can fondle my balls
(Well you hit the right dogg, I can help you with that
Gimme 15 minutes, and I'll hit you right back)
Off to the hotel, I was ready indeed
Slapped the button in the 'llac to control the speed
Put one up in the air, the cops just stared
Waved my hands out the roof like I just ain't care
Got to the tele and I slid through the door
On to the elevator, hit the penthouse floor
And what would happen next only time could time
Cause I got up to my room, and I was mad as hell (Ah! Damn!)

Who let these hoes in my room? (These hoes)
Who let these hoes in my room?
Who let these hoes in my room? (Did you let 'em in?)
Who let these hoes in my room? (These hoes)
Who let these hoes in my room?

Now it was five B.A.P hoes and they look like trash
But one was midget, so we'll just say four and a half
I was stuck speechless, couldn't believe my eyes
What'd I do to deserve this unpleasant surprise?
And I was thinkin' to myself, "This is just my luck"
Then my ***** bust in like "What the ****!?"
(Oh **** it's Snoop!)

[Snoop (Ludacris)]
Who in the hell let them booger bears out they cell (Not me)
And what they doin' in ya' room? ***** make 'em bail (Yeah)
Got some fine *****es, dime *****es on they way (Okay)
And told security, "Let 'em in, with no delay" (Ha Ha!)
So when they get here, they'll probably be like half naked
Don't mean to trip out, but ***** y'all got to dip out (Dip Out!)
Catch the elevator on more floor
Presidential with the slidin' key for the door (Oh No!)
What the **** goin' on? ****, all around the world Luda, then its the same song
Them *****es was so ugly, I told 'em to go home


[Ludacris (Snoop)]
Now, these chicks wouldn't leave, they was ready to clown
One was 5'6 and weighed three hundred pounds
(No she didn't come through with a thong on
She did for the hell of it, big fat whale of it)
You can't separate me, I'ma separate you
***** ya' ***** smell like Pepe Le Pew
(You filthy, nasty, sick in the head
Sitting in my dressing room with **** on ya' bread)
She said "I want you to climb in this underwear, silly"
But I was turned off by her tupper-ware *******
(Fake *****es, break *****es, make *****es
Kick rocks, when they ****ed up in they face
Tick-tock, you gots to get up out my space
Hey Ludacris let's get the **** up out this place, let's bounce)
Then it got to my head, and something reminded me
I know who let 'em in, it was Bill O'Reilly (******)
(Ya' white bread, chicken-**** *****!)


Hey, hey y'all gotta go
y'all gotta get the **** up outta here, ugly *** *****es
I don't understand how these *****es always get in my dressin' room
You know what I'm sayin'?
Soon as I get off stage, it's 7 or 8 ugly *** *****es posyed up in my dressing room
And security act like they don't know who did it
I know you feel what I'm sayin', I'm my ***** around the whole world
We need to form a society or somethin'
Fat, gorilla, monkey mouth *****es can't get in our **********ing dressing room or backstage
And if they do, we kindly put our foot up their asses
And re-direct them *****es to security dressing room, you dig?
Sick of these ugly *** *****es being my dressing room

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