Lupe Fiasco Failure Lyrics

Artist: Lupe Fiasco
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What up! Chi-town, New York City, Philly, Atlanta, Virginia....

They said it was comin back around man...
Back to the lyrics man...okay! (come back to people like me)

[Verse 1]

I say...its mean soldiers!
Now let me put the streets down like steamrollers
With the Cats that push 40 ounces through the hood
Like king cobras, see we sling sodas
Cuz the extra foamin that split is mix (it's really 36)
Used to buy toasters and clips
You can tighten your circle or boa constrict
While you was lightin' your purple I was writin the script
See I couldn't walk the walk, couldn't really talk the talk
Had to get my talk to properly explain my walk
Cuz this lack in talk had my walk lookin off
Now I'm over the limp,
Watch how they mugs strut when they see my verbals able (that's the usual)
When I was po' I was low
Now me and my chaps cop purple label, its
Ralph Lauren on the rap laureate
Niggas brown nosed they are like Alf to him
Runners at Interscope is not as stout as him
Please don't interscope..
It's gon' be a whole lot of IV'ing and respiratin'
If I lean out this window with Irene
Niggas as tall as Yao Ming
Wit' L-U-P emperor,
Its the foundations, I-beams, and the antennas
It's so serious everytime I write my John Hancock like
Can damn near see Detroit (I see you!)
Niggas is scared of heights
This is Seran wrap and aluminum foil
Some potpourri, a little machine oil,
I stack my paper and throw off my Six
This is top flow, better look out below
Pennies from heaven is the same as a Semi from the Second
And I reign supreme.
Turn your umbrellas upside down..
Did you even catch the change in theme?


(This is gangsta man)
This is Lupe to the F to the I to the A to the S to the C to the O
From the west side of the C to the H to the I, C-A to the G to the O
This is gangsta man. This is gangsta man!

[Verse 2]

And them niggas ain't wasps
Nor from his regime
Gangsta lean
Hats on, tilt like these niggas ain't drop out the vending machine
You gotta put more money in
And I shake niggas up everytime I drop a bar
Theres a horse in the Porsche and bricks in the box
Like more money then - everytime I cop a car!
You see I'm a roller right? So it might be a Rover right?
But everytime I drop a "R" (get off the streets) it's over aight?
Bet I be in the head like overnight like rollers right?
She the chouffer right???? So I keep her sober,
She don't get FedEx like overnight, I am Dola Might,
All that gas can't help you but soda might,
So just call on sun, drop a "S" pick up a "O"
You know, put it all on "One",
Then brace yourself like overbite
For that quiet nigga, that relocated down South
Comin' back to floss,
"Nigga get your molars right, fix your grill!"
No plaque but a whole lot of cheese,
It's the drill, Mr. Chill gave me the green light
Like Yoda knife, so I'mma force my will like the
Force, I will, of course you will..
Take my time, but wait behind,
Only pertains to that Porscha grill
There's snakes in the hood!
Gotta watch for that cobra bite
Lemme see, there's snakes in the hood,
A bird or horse behind the grill,
Some gator on the seat, and a fox behind the wheel
No it's not Noah's ark!.....Ak??
It's just a flower's start.


[Verse 3]

For achiever: my procedures to proceed at all costs
No breather, i'm all walk: rain, snow, or fever
I'm all coughs, comin after your teacher
I'm on the ball like FIFA, ! viva !
Lupe, duche, long live the leader,
I remember I ain't have sneakers: it was welfare!
Comin up for air is like wells there! Femas..
But now I'm well here (I'm aight)
I'm shamoo with 12 pair,
And niggas wanna take me back to 0 like tear,
Fear? Well.. my scale's clear, you see, world is brill here
I'm Bumpy Johnson: I stick to the streets,
Keep my dogs out in front of me,
You see what I'm sayin? And I push keys wonderfully..
Man, man, man, man! THIS IS GANGSTA MAN!!!
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