Luther Vandross - For the Sweetness of Your Love Lyrics

Writer(s) : Vandross, Luther / Miller, Marcus
Artist: Luther Vandross Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Busy Body
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What's your name?
Girl what's your number?
I think I fell in love the first time I ever saw you
And I couldn't get you off my mind
You reminded me of candy
So you be my Mary Jane
And I'll be your Sugar Daddy
And we can make sweet love all the time

I'd travel to the farthest star
(For the sweetness of your lovin')
'Cause sweeter than the sugar in a candy bar
(Is the sweetness of your love)
My rocket would only stop
(For the sweetness of your lovin')
And all I ever think about
(Is the sweetness of your love)

If you call for it, I'll deliver
I'll bring you anything
So fast it'll make you shiver
Whatever it is, from A to Z
Hey, let me prove that I can love you
I'll do a dance for you
Anything that I can to get a chance to love you
Of whomever you dream, I wanna be

I'd take my money out the bank
(For the sweetness of your love)
I'd buy you a great big diamond ring
(For the sweetness of your love)
'Cause Ooo baby, I'd do anything
(For the sweetness of your lovin')

I'd go ten rounds with Sugar Ray
(For the sweetness of your love)
And I'd eat my Wheaties everyday
(For the sweetness of your love)
BANG! ZOOM! And he would fly away
(For the sweetness of your lovin')

You could be lost in danger with a stranger
Caught up in mystery
A one night insanity, girl
And quite an emotional tragedy it would be
Then I'd come running just to save you
I'd be your hero guy
In a flash, in a minute I'd be there in no time
And you'd be forever loving me

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