Luther Vandross If Only for One Night Lyrics

Artist: Luther Vandross
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 4:15

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Let me hold you tight if only for one night,
Let me keep you near to ease away your fear
It would be so nice
If only for one night.
I won't tell a soul
No one has to know
If you want to be totally discreet
I'll be at your side
If only for one night.
If only for one night
Your eyes say things I never hear from you
My knees are shaking too
But I'm willing willing to go through
I must be crazy,
Standing in this space
Well I'm feeling no disgrace for asking.
Let me take you home
To keep you safe and warm
Till the early dawn warms up
To the sun it would be so nice
If only for one night
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