Lydia - Laugh Before You Grin Lyrics

Artist: Lydia Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on This December; It's One More and I'm Free
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I'm begging for your hand, screaming at your face. Come with me kid we'll leave this place. I'm all yours because I hate this house and how sad it makes you in the morning, that I'm hoping will never come. I just want to watch this sky and some, stars, are out I do believe. And this winter came I think we made it through the freeze. Someday we'll drive away. And we'll cut up my face because it's too plain. You are this! I swear it's this town I'll never see again. If I have my way and time, to just sing. I swear this town I will not see. Anything but silence, anything you say will stay in my head for days and days. But I'm sorry we couldn't make it back this evening. I'm still hoping. We have to move or so it seems. I guess the hospitals are near because I can hear those screams, and you breathing over me. Well ha ha, ha, ha ha, I tricked you once again but I promise someday we'll drive away. And we'll cut up my face because it's too plain. You are this! Well it's here, with your expensive taste that we should have framed this place. And kept it in your shelf. Next to you big city dreams. It's in your touch it seems. But you wear that on your sleeve, and all the thoughts that make you bleed. So go ahead kid we loved it. Sing it loud before the lights hit, and we are forced to move. With your window up we can keep the light out.

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