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Writer(s) : JENNINGS
Artist: Lyfe Jennings Lyrics
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Album: Track 17 on The Phoenix
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I was born by the river
That my momma cried when my daddy died
Maybe that was the reason I didn't get the attention
That I was needing to touch 'cause
I reminded her of him too much
Couldn't understand what she felt so I hated her, yeah
Til I was old enough to hate myself
And I felt like a slave down in South Carolina
Cursing the vagina that gave life to me
I couldn't see what I had the potential to be
Til I got down on my knees and begged God
To please take control of my life today

Cause there's no way
There's no way,no way,no way
I can do it on my own
And no matter how my friends try to console
They can never never know
What I go through
So I turn my heart over completely
To you,yes Lord, I do

I was born in a hurry
Cause my momma had to be back to work at 8:30
Maybe that was the reason there was always this feeling
That she was rushing herself
She didn't even have the time to spend loving herself
Let alone,someone else
So I hated her,yea
Cause I loved her,yea
And I cried,yea
Like the Klu Klux Klan at the Million Man March
Partially broke my spirit,partially broke my heart
I couldn't start to be what I had the potential to be
Til I got down on my knees and begged God to please
Take control of my life today


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