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Artist: Lyfe Jennings Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Lyfe Change
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Everybody wants a mansion and a yacht
Billboard charts they want that number one spot
Even if it means rap, I'm gon' get shot
True entertainment story
Everybody wants to be a superstar
To be a superstar, I've seen her turn porn star
Pull up in that car everyone yelling out star
True Hollywood story, gotta live in the glory

I've told you bout the accidents
I've come to tell ya about the genesis
And you cant end your time
God created man in his own design
Man dun lost their mind
They going gon' wild, wild, wild
Them girls dun lost their mind
Girl's gon' wild, wild wild

Everybody wants to be a kingpin
Standing on the block slanging forty king pins
Soon as you get neck, you snitching on the kingpin
True hood ghetto story, no honor, no glory
Everybody wanna say they having safe sex
But don nobody wanna go and take the test
Some take the test, and they come back stressed
True hood classic story, protect your glory


I don wan live, I don wanna die
I've been lying to myself so long I
Starting believing in it, started agreeing with
Illusions, it's a confusion
Love is what I'm doing
Ways to stay pure
It kills the spirit


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