Lykathea Aflame - On the Way Home Lyrics

Artist: Lykathea Aflame Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Elvenefris
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...and they spurn.
Then in silence and seclusion
...silently he weeps.
However there is no one coming all along
who would wipe the tears from
his careworn face away.
And so with each brith of a day he gets up
and sets forth the new pilgrimage.

His endless heart stays opened still,
so that everyone could enter...
...only visitors sometimes come...

He is not clad like a king,
his garments bear the sign of distant lands,
though he is the embodiment of thee Lord.

So night after night as wave after wave
lonely yearning and silent weep dissembless
and they are smitting upon the merciless shore of body...

I wish my pilgrimage to reach home already.

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