Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution) Lyrics

Lymphatic Phlegm

album: No. 1 track in album Bloodsplattered Pathological Disfunctions
release date: 2000
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Track Listing

CD 1
  • 1 Intro: The Pathology Begins
  • 2 Prostatic Affection Consequent to Blenorrhagical Urethritis
  • 3 Congenital Tumor Constituted by Embrionic Tissues and Foetal Residues
  • 4 Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution)
  • 5 Suppurated Inflamatory Intumescentia of the Ophtalmic Conjunctive
  • 6 C.H.S. Chronic Hyperglicemy Syndrome (Diabetes Melittus)
  • 7 Vulva Fermentation (Regurgitate)
  • 8 Degenerative Affection of the Semitendious Muscular Tract
  • 9 Surgical Suppression of the Extremeties by Abnormalities on the Basic Mechanisms of Sanguine Coagulation
  • 10 Inflamatory Fermentation of the Castric Tissue
  • 11 Pneumo-Ingurgitation Consequent to the Embolism of a Peripherial Branch of the Pulmonary Arteries
  • 12 Mephitic Emanation of Malignant Omphalitis
  • 13 Abnormal Multiplication of the Diaphragmatic Tissue Cells
  • 14 Spontaneous and Spasmodic Contraction of the Muscle-Membranous Ligaments of the Esophagus
  • 15 Affection Caracterized by Inflammation of the Bronquioles and Corresponding Pulmonary Lobules
  • 16 Infectious Pyelonephritis by Pathogenic Bacteriologic Proliferation on the Renal Parenchyma
  • 17 Sub-Acute Inguinal Lymphogranulomatous Ganglionar Maceration