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Ok let me do my xxxx dude
Listen up for a minute
All you haters... I go international bitch
This is Bionix... MP.
My name is MP from Paris to Japon
I got a love
I got a love to my fans

C c call me the french... player
C c call me the french... lover
C c call me the french... whatever
C c call me the frenchie

M2thep... yeah that's my team
We roll with The Bionix
They keep "superproducing" for ya'all

Are you good to go?
Yes I'm good to go!
If you're good... you know...
Trust me we're gonna party

Sorry but there is too many languages...

Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Rio, Milan, L.A,
They know how to party
Beijing, Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Sidney...
They know how to party

Porto Rico, Stockholm, Warsaw, Belgrad, Lisbon,
They know how to party
I can't forget about Africa
For for to sure
They know how to party

International bitch

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