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One more chance before the end of the year
One more time for me to make my letters clear
Well I found a pen and wrote these words in your ear
…One more goodbye... hi hi
One more chance to terrorize my achin’ head
Reconsider in your soul what you read
Well I found a crayon and wrote these words on you leg
…One more goodbye, hi hi
…One more goodbye…
…One more goodbye..
…One more goodbye…
…..hi hi
One more chance to throw your party by the lake
Reconsider in your soul your mistake
Well I found a match and wrote these words on your cake
One more goodbye, hi hi
Well I slipped and fell between the rocks and I got stuck
But I found a vine and I climbed my up
And then I found some soap and wrote these words on your truck
..One more goodbye...hi hi
So I dreamed a train and away did I ride
Well I cleared a place on that wooden floor where I could lie
And then I found a plane and wrote these words in the sky
…One more goodbye...hi hi
My final vision as I rattle down the tracks
As far away from me across the leaves of grass
I caught my guardian angel haulin’ ass
…One more goodbye...

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